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Welcome to ORF-RE-ALD Network

Welcome to the webpage for our ORF-RE project "Enabling next-generation devices through novel molecular-based thin film deposition methods and advanced characterization of structure and function". The ORF-RE (Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence) program provides research institutions with funding to support the operational costs of major projects of strategic value to the province. The central method in this 6-year project (2018-2024) is a uniquely-capable molecule-based thin film deposition technique named Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). The team will develop new precursor molecules and reactions to enable ALD of currently inaccessible materials, and will then harness these methods for device fabrication.

Project Overview

Our ORF-RE project involves 10 research groups from McMaster University and 1 from the University of Alberta, collaborating with 6 industry partners. This multidisciplinary team includes researchers with backgrounds in synthetic inorganic chemistry, computational chemistry, ALD and CVD, ALD reactor design, and device fabrication. Research targets include the development of new ALD precursors and methods to deposit materials which are currently inaccessible by ALD (those required by industry partners and co-investigators), and application of the unique capabilities of ALD for device fabrication; e.g. fabrication of optical communications components, lasers, sensors, and all-solid-state batteries.

More information

Click on the links below to find more information on ■ the research team (faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and industry partners), ■ publications and presentations associated with the ORF-RE research, ■ the ALD reactors and other essential equipment in the research, ■ the nature, unique capabilities and challenges of ALD, and ■ news, upcoming events and photos. Additionally, a plain language descriptions is provided here, highlighting the positive economic, environmental and societal benefits of materials-focused research, and the importance of ALD. 


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